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Ten Reasons Why You Should Be A Knight Templar

No Mason can fully appreciate the depth of the work of Masonry until he has participated in the work of the Orders of Knighthood. No seeker of truth will ever be able to experience anything more impressive and inspiring than the Order of the Temple. Every Christian Mason owes it to himself to put the "Cap Stone" over his York Rite Masonry.

1. The Commandery offers you a grand opportunity to improve in every walk of life through the study and work in the progressively expanding light of pure Freemasonry.

2. It is the mightiest non-theological Christian organization in the world. It stands for the noblest principles in individual life and the highest standards of good government.

3. It is founded and draws its inspiration from the Christian Religion and the faithful practice of Christian Virtues.

4. As a vigorous Christian command, we wage war unceasingly in the defense of innocent maidens, destitute widows, helpless orphans and the Christian Religion.

5. It teaches and assists you to "Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in Heaven'”.

6. Its work presents an advance and liberal education to all mankind designed to bring forth their finest character and works to be shared without limit with one another.

7. It gives you the richest of fraternal fellowship, peaceful freedom of mind and a deep understanding of character enabling you to live in harmony with God and with benefit to your Country.

8. It bases all its teachings upon the fundamental truth, thereby adding greatly to your understanding of the symbolic significance of the first three degrees of Freemasonry.

9. In mastering the exalted lessons of Knights Templar you learn by taking a full active part in the beautiful work of each Order of Knighthood. Templary has no special class for the portrayal of its truths.

10. Templary extends to you the privilege of sharing its priceless heritage from the past as Defenders of the Faith and ennobles your life through participation with the Sir Knights in the work of Freemasonry's greatest Order.